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Mosier Creek
Mutual Life Building
Nicholas Court
Belltown Lofts
Fairview Lofts/Minor Office Suites
Hazel Lofts
Bertschi School
Artists Studios
Lake Union Lofts
For a sampling of Urban Fund projects, please click on the project titles below:

Mosier Creek Solar Homes (2005-2007)
Mosier Creek is a planned unit community of 34 residences on a 5 acre parcel of land in the Gorge along the Columbia River. It is unique in that all units are Leed Silver Certified, receive 50% of required energy from solar roof panels subsided by local and federal agencies, and 28 of the units get a substantial portion of their energy from solar arrays on the roof.

Mutual Life Building (1984-1986)
Renovation of a 50,000-square-foot, turn-of-the-century building within historic Pioneer Square to create retail and commercial space.

Nicholas Court (1999-2000)
New construction on a 14,000-square-foot lot to create nine condominiums based on new urban density zoning allowances.

Belltown Lofts (1999-2000)
Conversion of an old warehouse and an adjacent lot into 62 award-winning living units, 40 percent of which sold below Seattle’s affordable housing rates.

Fairview/Minor Office Suites (1994-1996)
Renovation of a Victorian house into office suites and new construction of 2,300-square-foot townhouses.

Hazel Lofts (1994-1996)
New construction of single-family homes on a 30-degree wooded hillside in Hood River, Oregon, notable for its use of advanced hillside technology.

Bertschi School (1983-1984)
Nonprofit conversion of two residential properties and a vacant church into a private elementary school.

Artists Studios (1987-1988)
Adaptive re-use of a vacant 28,000-square-foot warehouse to create 18 artist studios.

Lake Union Lofts (In progress)
Renovation of a 5,000-square-foot wood frame building into office suites. Development of five townhouses for delivery in 2005.