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Mosier Creek
Mutual Life Building
Nicholas Court
Belltown Lofts
Fairview Lofts/Minor Office Suites
Hazel Lofts
Bertschi School
Artists Studios
Lake Union Lofts

Address:1413 15th Avenue, Seattle, Washington

Type: Residential

Architect: Gordon Walker Architects

Completion: 2000


  • 14,000-square-foot vacant lot on Capitol Hill, owned by Better Neighborhoods, LLC

To demonstrate that high density residential projects can be built without undermining the scale or character of the neighborhood.

We took advantage of a new zoning designation designed to limit urban sprawl by allowing higher density projects in Seattle's residential neighborhoods. After successfully completing the stringent review process, we built nine condominiums, an average of 1,000 square feet each.

Private capital, Wells Fargo Bank

Selected by the Urban Land Institute as one of 9 case studies for 2005 Residential Development Handbook

Approximately $2.5 million

Return on investment:
$3.3 million (all units were sold by completion date)

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