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Thank you for your interest in the Urban Fund. For press inquiries, please contact Peter Erickson at (206) 623-1234 or by email at peter@peter-erickson.com.

September 2008 : Sustainable Developments Symposium _ San Francisco, CA
Mosier Creek was one of 3 multifamily housing projects presented at the conference to demonstrate the process and results of LEED Certification together with the legal, accounting and procedural requirements needed to successfully integrate subsidized solar energy in housing.

August, 2008 The Green Building Revolution (pages 125, 126 and 127)
This book authored by Jerry Yudelson (and promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council _ the LEED Certification organization) presents the Mosier Creek development as a case study for LEED built, solar powered, sustainable multifamily development.

March 12, 2006 Puget Sound Business Journal
Mosier Creek : Seattle developer's "high performance housing tax breaks make solar housing affordable"
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Spring 2005, Urban Land Institute
Urban Fund's Nicholas Court project is selected as a case study- one of 9 in the US-exemplifying urban infill development for inclusion in The Urban Land Institute's Residential Development Handbook (2005)

June 2002, Seattle Times
Urban Fund founder Peter Erickson jurors 2002 "Housing the Northwest" entries.
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June 2001, Seattle Times
Judges choose the Urban Fund's Belltown Lofts for "Housing the Northwest" competition "because it overcame numerous challenges and creatively recycled an old building into a successful larger project."
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Spring 2001, Arcade Journal
Seattle's leading architectural journal singles out Urban Fund's Nicholas Court project for recognition in a special edition on the future of Northwest housing.

March 2001, Keynote Speech, Commercial Brokers Association
In a speech before Seattle's Condominium Brokers Association, Urban Fund's Peter Erickson talks about how to recognize and define market trends to ensure successful urban development projects.

February 1997, Seattle Times
"In the many years The Seattle Times and American Institute of Architects have sponsored a Home of the Month competition, there have been few submissions like the one featured last April: Three-story, single-family homes that look like a condominium project but aren't, that could have been plain, boxy and devoid of character, but aren't."

June 1989, Progressive Architecture
Urban Fund's Mutual Life Building featured for its adaptive re-use and engineering technology.