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Address: 2227 10th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington

Type: Nonprofit private school

Architect: Bassetti Architects

Completion: Phase 1: 1981, Phase 2: 1984, Phase 3: 1987


  • Run-down inner-city site eventually comprising five city lots and easily accessible from all parts of the city
  • Two single-family houses and an old church, totaling 9,000 square feet

To build an appealing, accessible K-5 inner-city school with strong amenities and ample administrative office space.

PHASE 1: We renovated the single-family house on the central lot and added 3,000 square feet by excavating and finishing the basement to create six classrooms.

PHASE 2: We bought two adjacent city lots to the north and renovated the existing 4,000 square foot church to create two more classrooms and a gym.

PHASE 3: We obtained the lease for the south lot and converted the existing 1,600 square foot single-family residence to administrative offices.

501C3 nonprofit status, small bank loan, charitable donations

Approximately $1.3 million, total