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The Urban Fund emerged from founder Peter Erickson's lifelong appreciation for the dynamics of the built community. In 1970, he launched his company to develop affordable, well-designed, residential and commercial infill projects. While studying architecture at the University of Washington in the '70's, he built a mountainside cooperative community near Issaquah, Washington, followed by a series of houseboats within the floating home community on Seattle's Lake Union. These projects were precursors to a career of community development.
Today, The Urban Fund continues to develop Northwest properties with a steadfast commitment to three guiding principles:

  • Sensitive, informed collaboration to reconcile the interests of neighborhood groups and governmental agencies with Urban Fund project objectives.
  • Low-leverage financing strategies that ensure investment security and long-term profitability.
  • Cost-effective, marketable design that combines space-saving functionality with architectural distinction.

Equally adept at commercial and residential projects, the Urban Fund specializes in locating, evaluating, financing, developing, and managing under-utilized in-fill properties in areas with a strong potential for future growth.

The company's knowledge of the intricacies of public and private sector financing, experience with community action groups, and ability to collaborate with architects, engineers, and city planners have led to award-winning projects that consistently generate a high return on investment.