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About Urban Fund
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Fund Structure
Fee Schedule
The following fee schedule approximates the guidelines established by the Seattle-King County Housing Development Consortium as adopted by the Office of Housing.

1. The fee is calculated as a percentage of total development cost (TDC). The TDC includes site acquisition (if applicable), hard and soft construction and project development costs, ongoing holding and management costs but excludes reserves and developer fee. The fee schedule is considered normal compensation to engage a developer to appropriately implement the tasks of development. It does not factor and does not include the requirement by the developer to assume loan guarantees or risks related to the build out of the project. If undertaken, such guarantees involve profit sharing.

Portion of Total Development Cost
Of the first $1 million
Between $1 and $3 million
Between $3 and $6 million
Between $6 and $9 million
Between $9 and $12 million
Over $12 million
Cumulative Fee
15.0 %
13.0 %
8.5 %
6.8 %
5.5 %
5.0 %

2. Contract: Specifics of the development services contract are based on the scope of work, level of service required and issues of guarantees if applicable.

For further information contact Peter Erickson, Urban Fund, Inc. at 206-623-1234